AC Valhalla Siege of Paris DLC Hidden Ones Bureau Walkthrough

The Hidden One's objective requires you to get three keys, this guide will help you in finding all of them and how to grab the weapon reward in the end.

The Hidden One’s Bureau is a kind of secret mission in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris expansion. You will have to explore three ruins, grab three keys and then visit the Hidden One’s bureau to grab a mystical sword. It is worth the effort because the weapon is you get in the end is quite amazing. You can play the Hidden One’s Bureau mission as soon as you enter Francia. Below is the entire process on how to complete the hidden mission and grab the sword in the end. Just follow it step by step and done and check out the solutions for easy mini-puzzles.

How to Complete Hidden One’s Bureau Missions?

You will have to visit Champlieu Ruins, Diodurum Ruins, and Gisacum Ruins to complete the mission. After this, you will have to locate the final place to collect the sword. We have an entire walkthrough video that can help you in completing the objective.

To make things faster I am also sharing the location of the ruins, key locations, and the final hidden bureau where you have to visit at the end.

1. Diodurum Ruins Map Location:

Diodurum Ruins Map Location

The first one is the Melunois region, whose entrance to the ruins is hidden below the water. Jump into the small pond and swim down. Refer to the image above, the entrance is fairly visible as you swim across the pond. Use the oil pots to break walls to open the entrance to a room of scrolls. You will also unlock the Golden Flame ability.

  • Golden Flame: Attach an explosive to an enemy that detonates after a short delay.

2. Gisacum Ruins Map Location:

Gisacum Ruins Map Location

The second one is in the Evresin region. The area is underground and can be unlocked by breaking the wooden floor. It is also guarded, so make sure you take down the soldiers first. The problem below is rats, they can block your way. The best thing to get rid of rats is to attack them so that they can run away. Then throw a torch on their area of entry and walk away. Do not forget to grab a lot of Tungsten Ingo from this place. Before leaving look on the right, there is a breakable wall, you will find Plague of Rats ability inside.

  • Plague of Rats: Coat an arrow with rat bait that attracts a swarm of vicious rats to the arrow’s landing point after a short delay.

2. Champlieu Ruins Map Location:

Champlieu Ruins Map Location

The last and final ruin is in the Amienois region. Similar to the above ruins you will have to break the wooden floor to enter the ruins. Look for a small entrance through walls to walk to the final location of the key.  Do not forget to explore every nook and corner and you will be able to find Goule Breath ability and the final key.

  • Goule Breath: Lace an arrow with a deadly poison that causes those struck to become horrifying ill. Witnesses to the sickness back away in terror.

Hidden Ones Beaureu in Paris

Hidden One Beaureu Location

Now it’s time to hit the final location, the Hidden one Beaureu which holds the mythical weapon. Look for a deep cavity in the ground, and follow the flags and statues. To grab the sword you will have to light up the Assassins symbol. For this, you will need to carry pots on the platforms to avoid the rats. There is a very short window to run away, so do this attack the rats. When they run away throw a torch on their entry location and grab the pot. Run toward the final door and burn the symbol on the floor.

Joyeuse Mythical Sword Location

So this is how you can complete The Hidden One’s Beaureu mission in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris. It is really good enough to put time on this mission because you are going to get a good weapon in the end. With this, you will also unlock three abilities that are quite useful during combat.