How To Complete The Gambler Challenge In BitLife

By Kailash
6 Min Read

A new week means a new BitLife challenge. These new weekly challenges in BitLife is what keeps the players engaged and motivated to continue playing one of the best life simulator games ever developed. This time the challenge is titled Gambler Challenge. In this BitLife Gabler Challenge Guide, we will discuss how to win big and easily complete the Gambler Challenge in BitLife.

If you haven’t already noticed, I have written win big in the previous line and in the title as well. That’s because the new BitLife challenge is all about winning a huge amount of money in casinos. Similar to all the other BitLife challenges, Gambler Challenge is for a limited time and gives great rewards to the players who complete it. Hence, it is important to quickly complete the challenge. So, without any further delay, let’s delve deep into how to complete the Gambler Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife Gambler Challenge guide: How to Complete

The requirements or tasks of the Gambler Challenge are:

  • Acquire $10 million in lifetime casino earnings
  • Win bets on at least 10 horses
  • Use “Surprise me!” 15 times
  • Overcome addiction to gambling
  • Leave Las Vegas

Now, since we know the requirements, let’s focus on how to do the Gambler Challenge in BitLife.

Unlike the other challenges, where we go upside down, here, we need to look at the last task first and then go regular. The last task in the challenge is to leave Las Vegas, and for that, you need to ensure that your character is born there in the first place. So the first thing to do here is awaiting and keep refreshing the game until your character is from Las Vegas.

how to do the gambler challenge in bitlife

Acquire $10 million in lifetime casino earnings

Now comes the first task, which is all about spending time in casinos. The task reads that you need to acquire $10 million in casino earnings, and for that, you need to have some outings in the casino. To spend a lot of time in casinos, you will need to have the money for all the outings. You can easily get a decent amount of money by going to a school, getting a degree, and then getting a job that pays well.

To make things more interesting, you can get into a law school in BitLife and become a lawyer. Imagine a lawyer himself playing in the casino, that will be fun right? Or alternatively, you can run for President and then make the President play in casinos. Once you have the money you want for the outings, just start playing at casinos and earn $10 million to complete the first task.

Win bets on at least 10 horses

The second task to complete the Gambler Challenge in BitLife is to win bets on at least 10 horses. For this, you will have to visit the race track. There’s no trick that can help you here as the winning horse is random. Hence, you will have to keep visiting the racecourse and keep placing the bet on any of the five horses and hope they win. Gradually you will be able to complete the task by placing a bet on the winning horse 10 times.

Use “Surprise me!” 15 times

The next task is to use surprise me 15 times. You will have to wait until any multiple-choice event occurs. This button comes at the bottom of the screen whenever there is a multiple-choice event available. All you need to do is click on the button 15 times and be ready for the consequences of whatever is chosen in the event.

Overcome addiction to gambling

The next to complete the Gambler Challenge in BitLife is to overcome the casino addiction. It is obvious that a person will generate addiction to casinos if that person keeps on visiting them so often. The addiction is stronger when the person has collected $10 million. The same thing has happened to your character. All you need to do is send your character to rehab from the activities menu and spend some years there until the addiction is over.

Leave Las Vegas

Next up, and the last task to complete the Gambler Challenge in BitLife is leaving Las Vegas. After all that has happened and what your character has gone through in the rehab, the only thing left is to leave Las Vegas so that the addiction does not get generated again. To complete this task and the challenge, you need to simply migrate to anywhere outside Las Vegas.

Once you step out of Las Vegas the Gambler Challenge in BitLife will be completed and you will get your rewards. While here you can read our guide on how to become royalty in BitLife. Royalty is a new update in BitLife that allows players to become a king or queen. You can read our guide to easily become royalty and live the life of a king or a queen in this life simulator game.