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BitLife Groupie Challenge: How To Complete It Easily

If you are wondering how to complete the Groupie Challenge in BitLife, this all the information you need.

A new BitLife Challenge asks you to be a groupie and the journey involves a lot of things that you must do correctly. That’s where this BitLife Groupie Challenge guide will come in handy. Here, we will give you all the tips and tricks you need to complete the Groupie Challenge easily.

BitLife Groupie Challenge Guide: How to Do it?


Let’s take a look at all the essential requirements for completing this BitLife Groupie Challenge:

  • Get more than 1000 views on a BitLife video
  • Join the BitLife team 
  • Finally, marry someone on the BitLife team and become a groupie

So, this is how you can approach this challenge from the beginning.


First, you have to ensure that you are good looking and smart, the perfect combination that will take you far.

You need to be from Miami, Florida because that is where the BitLife company Candywriter Studios HQ is located. This will make joining them very easy for you.

Next, you have to study hard and graduate school with flying colors.


When social media is available, go ahead and start YouTube because you need to keep posting YouTube videos to get views.

As far as career goes, you have to join a tech related University course such as Computer Science. This will help you become an App Developer and then you can join the BitLife team. In case the option to become an App Dev is not available, then restart the app.

Meanwhile, post videos on YouTube every year because you want to get at least one of them viral.


After you are done with college, join BitLife as a Junior App Developer. As mentioned before, being from Miami will help you a lot. You can either restart the app or increase your age to see if this job opportunity shows up.

How to Marry someone on the BitLife Team

The work isn’t done yet. You have to ensure that you don’t get fired from the job so you need to work hard.

The next step would be to find a partner. For that, visit the Job Menu > Jr. App Dev > Coworkers. Here you can choose who you want to marry.

Initiate conversations with them and boost your relationship to a high level. When you do that, you can ask them out.

Continue the relationship and gather money on the side. Soon, you can afford a Diamond Ring more than a carat. Go ahead, propose to them and when they agree, get married.

Doing all of this will help you complete the BitLife Groupie Challenge. While you are here, check out our other mobile game guides on Gamer Tweak.