How To Combine Items In Monster Hunter Stories 2

Want to create powerful items in Monster Hunter Stories 2, but do not know how? Read this guide to find out how you can do so by using combinations.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 gives you the ability to combine items you may find in the game to create more better items. In this article, we will show you how you can do so in the game.

How to Combine Items in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

combine items mhs 2

Check out how you can combine items in Monster Hunter Stories 2 with the steps below:

  • To begin the process of combining items, you will first need to head to the Combine option in the Camp Menu.
  • To do this, press X.
  • Once here, you will be shown a list of items that can be created by combining the materials you have gathered in Monster Hunter Stories 2.
  • You can choose which combination you want from this list.
  • This menu will also offer you the freedom to choose the quantity of items you want to create using combinations.
  • The quantity of items you can create will also depend on the materials you have with you.
  • On the menu, you will be told the exact quantity of materials you need to create a new item.
  • You can use this information to accordingly plan how you want to combine items.
  • In this menu, you will need to press the X button to combine items for a maximum amount of times. You can use this if you have a huge number of materials.
  • After you have confirmed all the details, you will need to press the A button to combine the items.

This is the process to combine materials you find in the game into much better and powerful items. This feature makes it easier for you to get really good items by using the right combinations. Make sure to acquire the required quantity of materials needed before you begin the combination process, and you will be good to go!

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