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How To Collect Purple And Blue Skulls In Garena Free Fire?

here is how you can collect as Blue and Purple Skulls for some amazing rewards

Garena Free Fire’s largest event is here – The New Spine Punk. And you stand a chance to collect Blue and Purple Skulls for free in this event. The event commences on 9th May and goes on till the 18th of May. The New Spine Punk event will transport you to a futuristic punk-styled world of tele-mechanics and AI expansion. All you need to do is collect blue and purple tokens by competing in special missions and events. But most importantly, gathering skulls will allow you to trade them for exclusive items that you probably might not come across again in the game. And this guide is here to help you just for that. The Free Fire India Official posted this message on their Twitter page on 9th May.

How to collect Blue Skulls in Free Fire?

Collecting Blue Skulls is a fairly easy task, but you need to know their precise location to find them in the first place –

  • Go about playing your normal game but keep a keen eye out for the Airship to pass.
  • Make sure to log the precise location of the airdrop from that Airship and reach there before anyone else does.
  • In the loot crate, you will find a pile of Blue Skulls.
  • You will only be able to loot 10 of those skulls at a time.
  • Time your game well and make sure to track the airdrops accurately. Collect as many Blue Skulls as you can, they have some enticing rewards waiting for you.

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How to collect Purple Skulls in Free Fire?

Here comes the challenging part, collecting Purple Skulls will not be nearly easy as with the Blue ones. This is because there will only be 2 days in the game when you will be able to collect the Purple Skulls – 17th and 18th May. Here is how you will get them –

  • Unlike Blue Skulls, the Purple Skulls will appear randomly on the Map.
  • Owing to their rarity, there will be a barrage of players gathering at spawn locations, so make sure to be on guard at all times.
  • Getting your hands on Purple Skulls will be purely on your luck. But to raise the probability of you finding them, you can do two things- play as many games as you can within those two days, and keep moving throughout the course of the game. This will madly raise your chances at scoring the rare Purple Skulls

What are the Rewards for Blue and Purple Skulls?

If you were thinking that these skulls were just for piling up in your collection, you were slightly misled. You can exchange a particular number of these skulls for special rewards. Here is the list of rewards awaiting your purchase –
Deadly Bat Weapon Loot Crate – 8 Blue Skulls.
Punkstar – 10 Blue Skulls
Neon Ridges –10 Blue Skulls.
Spikey Spine Loot Crate – 20 Blue Skulls & 10 Purple Skulls.
Evolution Stone – 30 Blue Skulls & 20 Purple Skulls.