Soulmask: How to Unlock Map and Clear Fog

Here’s how you can easily clear and unlock Soulmask map fog in 2 simple steps, by targeting Barbarian Scouts and absorbing their knowledge.

The Soulmask map fog is one of the most annoying things in the early game. It covers undiscovered areas of the map, hiding valuable resources and all the points of interest in the game. But no matter how many times you walk through those areas or do any number of activities there, there are specific steps you need to do to clear the fog from your map. And if you missed it in the tutorial, it is a bit hard to find later in the game, anyway. So, for those like us who don’t pay much attention to the tutorials, here’s how to clear the fog of war and unlock the map in Soulmask.

How to Unlock and Clear Soulmask Map Fog

To expand your territory and access new locations, you must clear and unlock Soulmask map fog by targeting Barbarian Scouts and absorbing their knowledge. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Find Barbarian Scout Camps.
  2. Fight and Deter Barbarian Scouts.

Let’s look at these points in a bit more detail.

How to Unlock and Clear Soulmask Map Fog
Image by DaOpa (YT)

Find Barbarian Scout Camps

To locate Barbarian Scout Camps, look for a distinctive icon on your mini-map showing a Scout’s camp location. You can hover your mouse over this icon to see the point’s full name (type). Sometimes, you must explore the edges of the revealed map to find these camps in the map fog. But this is unnecessary in the early game as the first two Barbarian Scout Camps will be available on your map in the beginning playing hours.

Fight and Deter Barbarian Scouts

Now, start attacking the Scouts at the camp, ensuring not to kill them. Decrease their health to roughly 30%, and a prompt will appear, allowing you to “Press E” to “Deter.” This action uses your mask’s power to steal the location information from the scout, unveiling the map section connected to that specific Scout.

If you have killed the Barbarian Scout by mistake, don’t worry; you’ll just need to wait approximately 15 minutes for the camp to respawn. Then, you can restart attacking the Scout to deter them this time.

This is the only way to unlock and clear Soulmask map fog efficiently. If you want to see this in action, along with the first Barbarian Scout Camp locations, here’s a video from the YouTube channel DaOpa showing precisely this:

That’s everything you need to know about clearing the fog of war and unlocking the map in Soulmask. If you’d like to know more Soulmask tips and tricks, like increasing your awareness strength, getting the worship container, water crops, filling water troughs, and getting cotton, check out our Soulmask guides page for more.