How To Check Warzone Shadow Ban? – Answered

Not sure what to do if you have been Shadow Banned in Warzone? Check out here to learn everything about it.

Activision is extremely strict when it comes to cheating and hacking. That is why they put a susceptible account under review if it has been reported. This action of putting “under review” without informing the owner of the Activision Account is known as Shadow Banning. Call of Duty Warzone 2 is one of the most common Activision games where hackers are found. So, your profile may be falsely accused of cheating, even if you haven’t cheated. If that ever happens, you can check if you have been Shadow Banned in Warzone. You have to follow the steps mentioned below.

Call of Duty Shadow Ban Explained

Firstly, know that it is pretty usual for players to report you out of frustration. So, if you have been Shadow Banned in Warzone for no reason, you will easily get rid of it after a few hours. But in rare cases, the process of deciding if you are guilty or not may take weeks. In the meantime, you will match with other players under review.

If you are Shadow Banned, your account will have certain restrictions, and you will immediately feel their effect. You can say that a Shadow Ban means being restricted until your account is reviewed and proven not guilty.

How to Know if You are Shadow Banned in Warzone

Following are a few signs that suggest the developers are reviewing a particular account:

  1. You are suddenly getting disconnected from the match for no reason.
  2. All your matches have higher matchmaking pings.
  3. Continuous Server Timeouts.
  4. You are facing the same opponents. All the Shadow-Banned users are put into the same lobbies for investigation. So, if you are banned, you may face the same opponents multiple times.

How to Check if You Are Shadow Banned in Warzone

If your Activision Account is Shadow Banned, you can use these steps to confirm it:

  • Go to the Activision Ban Appeal Website and log in.
  • You can see whether your account is Shadow Banned on the next page.
  • If it shows “No Ban Detected,” there is nothing to worry about. However, if it shows “Under Review,” you know you have been Shadow Banned in Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2.

What to do if You Are Shadow Banned

If you haven’t done anything, your account will be free of Shadow Ban within 48 hours. But if you still get banned after the review, you can appeal to Activision’s Security and Enforcement to review again. This guarantees a thorough checking, and hopefully, your ban will be lifted after that.

That’s everything you can do if you are Shadow Banned in Warzone or Modern Warfare 2. For more content related to the Call of Duty Games, feel free to access our dedicated section for them on our website.