How To Change Pilot Appearance in Microsoft Flight Simulator

New Microsoft Flight Simulator brings in a feature to modify the appearance of Pilot, use the various customization option to make him look different.

Microsoft Flight Simulator allows you to change the appearance of your Pilot in the latest game. With all the customizability options that are available, you can now even get to decide how your pilot should look like. If you wish to change the look of your pilot read the rest of this article.

How To Change Pilot Appearance in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator has finally taken off and players can travel the whole world from the comfort of your own house, it is especially great since the entire world is in lock-down and you cannot travel physically, but it still is possible to soar the skies and feel the wind guide you to different locations of the world in Flight Simulator.

  • If you’re going to travel, you might want to look the part as well and in Microsoft’s Flight Simulator you can change the appearance of your pilot by going to Options which can be found through the Welcome Menu.
  • From there you will need to go to General and proceed further till you get to Misc. Here find the option that says Pilot Avatar Settings and here you will be able to see all the customization options.
  • You can also change the appearance of your Co-Pilot and instructor too, but the customization ability won’t be drastic like you would find in other RPG games but having the option to customize change the way you want to characters to look adds another dimension to the game.
  • That’s all there is to know about how to change your pilot’s appearance in Microsoft Flight Simulator, make sure to check out Where To Find The Num Del Key while playing Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.

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