How To Change and Customize Your Clothes In Ooblets

Changing your outfits in Ooblets will allow you to wear your personality or blend in with the theme that you are creating in the game.

Ooblets allows you to change and customize your character’s look as soon as you jump into the game. Changing your outfits in Ooblets will allow you to wear your personality or blend in with the theme that you are creating in the game. If you want to change your appearance in the game, look no further.

Change and Customize Clothes In Ooblets

As soon as you step into Badgetown you will see that every place has a theme to it and if you want to feel like you belong there you will need a fresh pair of clothes.

Before you start window shopping for your fav clothes in Ooblets, you should check out the different ways in which you can earn Gummies, the currency in Ooblets. Having more of Gummies will allow you to buy more clothes and keep on experimenting with your look.

When you begin in Ooblets as soon as you get off the at the boat and enter Badgetown the apparel shop will be open for you, but before that, you will need to complete Mayor Tinstle’s task of beating the Clickyclaw in the Town Hall.

Post that, you’re free to basically do whatever you want. In case your first action in the game is to change clothes you should head over to Kibbonbon, which is right next to Meed’s Seed.

You can recognize this shop by seeing the big cat that stands above the door, it will also have a few clothes on stands to make identifying the shop easier.

Most of the things that you see in the shop are for 50 Gummies but you can also find things for as low as 16 Gummies. One of the most essential things you can buy here is the Basic Bum Bag which will increase your inventory slots, this will cost you about 250 gummies in the game.

If you like something in the shop, all you have to do is press A on your Xbox One controller or left click on PC and it will be added to your inventory.

To open up your inventory in Ooblets, simply press ‘Tab‘ on PC or press ‘Y‘ on your Xbox One console and you will see everything that is stored in your inventory.

From there you can check out how your character looks and a bunch of icons, to change clothes, click on the icon with the shirt symbol.

This will take you to your closet where you can change your clothes as you like them to be. Choose from the selection of shirts, pants, shoes, etc.

Click on what you would want your character to wear and it will be shown on your character when you are satisfied with your choice just exit the menu.

That’s all about there is on how to change clothes of your character in Ooblets, make sure that you check out various styles, and let your imagination go wild.