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Among Us: How To Change Age (PC)

This is how to change your birth date and age to gain access to Free Chat in Among Us.

If you are not able to type in the chat in Among Us, the reason is that your date of birth has been chosen in a way which doesn’t allow it. Basically the quick chat feature in the game is dependent on your age. If you are underage, you will only be able to use the quick wheel for chatting whereas if you are older, you can type freely to communicate with other players. The predefined messages, while well-made, can restrict your communication regarding location, blaming other players etc. If you are wondering how to change your age in Among Us so that you can access the free chat again, this guide will explain the steps.

How to Change your Age in Among Us


how to change birth date among us

Follow these steps to enable free chat by changing your age in Among Us and communicate with other players without the restriction of quick chat.

  1. Enable Hidden Files and Folders first.
  2. Head to C:\Users\”Your PC”\AppData\LocalLow\InnerSloth\Among Us\playerPrefs
  3. Make a copy of the playerPrefs file just for safety.
  4. Next rename the playerPrefs file to playerPrefs.txt
  5. Open it in Notepad.
  6. Check the birth date and replace it with a new date as per the age required.
  7. Save it and then remove the .txt extension from it.


Now all you have to do is launch Among Us and you will get the chance to access freechat and you’ve made it happen simply by changing your birth date.

That’s all about how to change your age in Among Us. Do note that the reason why this age restriction exists is to protect younger players but with the aforementioned method, the regular chat option can be re-enabled if you’d like.

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