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How To Catch Stringfish In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Catching Stringfish in Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the most difficult tasks. It only appears in one quarter of the year and you have to go to a specific location to catch it. This guide will show you how to catch the stringfish in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Where to Find and Catch Stringfish

Stingfish is one of the rarest fish species in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and it will certainly be a major test of your fishing skills.

You can only catch the Stringfish in the months of December to March, to catch the stringfish you will need the following items:

  • Vaulting Pole
  • Ladder

You will need to find a suitable river situated on a clifftop and look for a silhouette of a large fish. Once you get rid of the smaller fishes, you will need to put your fishing line inside the water, when you feel your controller vibrate harder than usual this will give you a clear indication that it is a stringfish.

It will certainly take some time and a lot of practice on your part, if you cannot find the fish after waiting for a long time, try using the time travel method and change the day and time. You can only find the stringfish between 4 pm and 9 am so make sure that you find a suitable time and try again.

Try using fish bait to have a better chance and this is all that you have to do to catch a stringfish in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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