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How To Catch A Bunger In Bugsnax

It's quite a task to catch a Bunger in Bugsnax. Here's how to capture it!

In Bugsnax, you will be on the hunt for various creatures and a Bunger is one of them. If you are finding difficulty in capturing this little burger-like bug then you are at the right place. Here’s how to catch a Bunger in Bugsnax using this handy trick.


How do you Catch a Bunger in Bugsnax?

To catch a Bunger in Bugsnax, you have to first stun it. You can do this by making one Bunger charge at the other by luring it. So, your goal here is to fling some ketchup using the Sauce Slinger on your target Burger and getting it stunned by another Bunger.


Since Bungers love ketchup, you can control their movement with it. So, all you have to do is shoot the sauce on the ground to create a path for one Bunger to get close to another. Next, you must throw ketchup on top of the target Bunger. When you do this, the other Bunger will follow it and hit your target. This will successfully stun the target burger and that’s when you have the chance to approach the stunned one and capture it with your net. It’s hard work but so much fun.

How to get the Ketchup

Since you will be needing ketchup for this task, note that you will get it from bushes. Equip it to your Sauce Slinger and begin shooting it on the ground. The burger bug will love it and get attracted to it easily. When you keep slinging the sauce, one more Bunger will show up. Now all you have to do is the process mentioned above.


That’s everything on how to catch a Bunger in Bugsnax. If you want to know how to save your progress after completing this tough task, check our linked guide right away. Plus, also read how to catch Charmallows too!