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How to Cancel Xbox Live Gold – Step by Step Instructions to Get your Money Back

Do not want the subscription?

Xbox Live Gold Subscription brings ton fo games on your Xbox Console followed by heavy discounts, but if you had purchased Live Gold Membership and now want to cancel and get your money back then there is what you have to do. Here are step by step instructions to cancel Xbox subscription, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Game Pass, or EA Access, you need to do so online.

How to cancel Xbox Live Gold?


  1. Log in to your Xbox account by sign-in on Xbox.com. Look on the top right for Sign in link.
  2. Click on the Profile icon on the top right, a small menu opens up with a link for My Microsoft Account and Xbox Profile. Right next to that there are three dots click on that and click on Subscriptions.
  3. You will see your active Services and Subscription on this page. You can click on Payment and Billing on top to know more about the Order History.
  4. Next Under Payment and Billings click the Service and then select Cancel Auto Payment.
  5. You will have to follow on-screen instructions to continue canceling your Xbox Live Gold Membership.

Through this method, you can cancel Xbox Live Gold recurring billing, or cancel the service right away.

How to get Refund after cancelling Xbox Live Gold?


You can ask for a refund for Games Purchase within 14 Days. But for Subscriptions, the Cancel Subscription will occur only if your account qualify for it. That means, most of the time you will see Cancel Auto payment or option like don’t charge my subscription again. Or else there will be another option end now and get a refund.

You can also fill-up the Request Refund Form to cancel your Live Gold Subscription but on if it adheres to Refund Policy. You have to do this instantly. If you are too late then you can cancel subscription anytime you want.