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How To Buy The Peace Lovers Attire In Final Fantasy XIV?

A complete guide on How To unlock The Peace Lovers Attire In FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV features some really cool attires in-game. They take their fashion seriously and have Fashion Reports and everything to show off their outfits every week. The Peace Lovers outfit will sure come in handy if you want to glam up your character. The attire is a set of clothing and accessories. You do not wanna miss out on making a fashion statement with this outfit. They look best when worn together instead of individual pieces. In this guide How To Get The Peace Lovers Attire In Final Fantasy XIV, we will help you get your glam look by obtaining this outfit.

How to Unlock The Peace Lovers Attire



Image source: The Fashionista FFXIV

The Game added an Event called Fetes with their patch 5.5. Fetes is a competitive crafting event that happens during the Skyrise Celebration. Here, Fetes happen every 2 hours. The participation rules are simple. One, you must be a Disciple of the Land or Disciple of the Hand worker. And two, you need to have the Ishgardian Restoration unlocked for crafters and gathers. Once you complete the event, you get Fete presents, and among other things are our Fete Tokens.


You need 50 of these tokens to be able to exchange them for the Peace Lovers Attire Coffer. This includes Peace Lovers Hat, Shirt, Pantaloons, Long Boots, and Gloves. Once you gather 50 tokens, go to The Firmament area in Ishgard and find Enie. She will happily exchange these tokens for you and give you a brand new Peace Lovers Attire. Now it may be a little bit of a grind and probably a Fetes rally to get to 50 tokens but it’s worth the effort.

So to get The Peace Lovers Attire,  just participate in the Fetes event and earn tokens to exchange it for the outfit via Enie.

That is all for our guide on how to unlock The Peace Lovers Outfit in Final Fantasy XIV If you would like to know how to unlock custom deliveries, make sure you check out this article on Final Fantasy XIV: Unlock Count Charlemend’s Custom Deliveries.