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How To Build Door in Icarus? (Place Door & Build Windows Guide)

Without a house, you cannot stand environmental hazards and animals attacks in Icarus.

To survive in Icarus you will need a base. Your home where you can reboot yourself for the next day’s challenges. In this guide, I will help you with doors. It is simple but can be tricky while constructing a house. Why because, there is no way to place the door independently in Icarus. A house frame with doors and windows is a must, and then you can place all necessary items. For example, placing in Oxidizer, they can provide you a regular supply of Oxygen in Icarus. Let’s begin with the guide on how to place doors in Icarus.

How to Craft/Build Doors?

Icarus Thatched Wall

To build a door you will have to unlock it from the Tier 1 section of Tech Tree. Unlock Thatched Beam and Thatched Floor first to unlock Thatch Wall which further unlocks three more building blocks. They are Thatch Window, Thatch Wall Angled, and Thatch Door. The same goes for Wood Wall, you will get all three exact building blocks unlocked. Without unlocking the Wall section you cannot construct a door in Icarus. The next thing is to craft the door after finding its required items.

Thatched Wall Crafting Recipe:

  • 20x Fiber
  • 3x Stick

Thatched Door Crafting Recipe:

  • 10x Fiber
  • 4x Stick

Icarus Thatched Door Frame

Go to Crafting and click on the Thatched Wall and then craft a Thatched Door. Drag both the items to the lower toolbar from the inventory. Select the Thatched Wall and place it where you want it. Then hold R and select the door frame. Adjust the placement to get the opening angle of the door. A yellow arrow pointing towards the inside and outside will be displayed that changes the movement of the wall. Next, pick the door from the toolbar and place it on the newly created wall. That’s it the door is ready. You can now use it for entry and exit.

To unlock new construction items in Tech Three you will need to level up. Then only you can get the blueprints and construct a stronger base. It will protect you from storms and bad weather. Also, you can store items, restore your stats, and level up faster. Building bases is tricky but not tough in Icarus. You have to keep on harvesting enough raw materials to craft out things as and when required. Also when you level up at a steady rate you will unlock more new blueprints in Icarus.