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How to Get Oxygen & Fill Oxygen Bladder in Icarus?

You can farm Oxygen in Icarus in the following two methods. First is via harvesting Oxite Ore and second by crafting Oxidizer.

Icarus pushes open-world survival to the next level, where you die without a strategy. Getting Oxygen is one of the many-core requirements of the game. When the weather shifts you will need to harvest oxygen to stay alive on the lethal planet. Thankfully Icarus crafting system has a tool that can provide us with a steady supply of oxygen. So you can farm other important stuff to level up. I am going to share two ways to get Oxygen in Icarus. One is a manual way of finding an item that provides a steady supply of oxygen and the second is crafting an Oxygen Bladder that does all the work.

How to Get Oxygen by Harvesting Ore?

Icarus Oxite Ore Location

Oxygen is found in Oxite Deposits on Icarus. It’s a rock that can be found in random locations. Explore the rocks near plantations, trees, etc. An interaction menu popups whenever you move near to an item. It will tell you the type of stuff to harvest. For example, Oxite Ore can provide you with +1 oxygen when moved to the slot. When used it will disappear and you have to farm more. You will have to explore a lot and finding Oxite Ore is not that tough, as it is presented in many locations. Always keep a few in the inventory and drag it in the quick slot when you are out of air. This is a manual way of finding Oxite Ore in Icarus. But there is also another way where you can find craft and Oxidizer. A machine that keeps on producing oxygen. It is a way to get unlimited oxygen in Icarus.

How to Craft Oxidizer (Refill Oxygen Bladder)?

Icarus Tech Tree Oxidizer

Oxidizer can be unlocked from the Tech Tree. Below is the Oxidizers crafting recipe. After gathering all the items you can instantly craft one and place it at the base. This tool can process Oxite into Oxygen. That means you will have to keep on harvesting Oxite Ore, whatever is in your inventory will be processed to oxygen. Oxidizer will not work if there is no Oxite in your inventory.

  • Stick x8
  • Fiber x12
  • Leather x20
  • Bone x10

After collecting all four items go to the Crafting Menu. Pick the Oxidizer and place it down. Then walk near and Press F to add an Oxite Ore which will inflate the balloon. The more you place Oxite the faster it fills. Once it is filled up, just press F to consume the Oxygen. So this is how you can farm Oxite Ore and craft an Oxidizer in Icarus. To help you more with I am sharing some quick tips to help you more in surviving.

Icarus Oxidizer

  1. Blue Rocks can give +5 or higher oxygen. You will need a Pickaxe to break it.
  2. Crafting a bow earlier will help you to hunt animals and farm items like Leather easily.
  3. Placing One Oxite Ore will last for a few minutes, always keep enough in the inventory.
  4. Craft a Knife, Bow, Pickaxe early to ease out harvesting.

Other than Oxygen there is more important stuff to do in Icarus. This is just a basic yet necessary requirement, which can be sorted out by unlocking the Oxidizer. We are going to share a lot of tips on the game in our Icarus Guides section. Do not forget to scan the link once.