Call of Duty: Warzone- How To Become A Zombie?

This guide will show you how to become a zombie in COD Warzone and explains all you can do as a zombie in-game.

Did you know that you can now become a zombie in Warzone? An update to the game gives players the ability to make the transformation under certain specifications. Follow this guide to the end to learn how you can easily become a Zombie in Warzone.

How To Become A Zombie In COD Warzone?

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Here’s how to become a Zombie in COD Warzone:

  • Firstly, ensure you’re playing in a team since solo plays can’t transform you into a zombie.
  • Next, locate tiny red circles on the map and head to those zones.
  • These are contaminated Warzone Radiation Zones and can be found at the shipwreck and the prison.
  • Once you arrive at these zones, you’ll lose health after you stand over the radioactive waste.
  • On dying via the said radioactive contamination, you’ll drop from the sky as a zombie.
  • You can now unleash your undead wrath as a zombie.
  • A point to remember is that you’ll only be able to do the following as long as someone on your team is alive.

Now after you have become a zombie, there are a set of things you can do. We’ve made a mention of the same below.

What can Zombies do in Warzone?

As soon as you become a zombie, you get a unique set of abilities and tools to eliminate your opponents. You can use these to assist your teammates and even help them stay alive.

  • You get a massive boost in being able to trace enemy locations as they’ll be pinpointed on your map when you’re a zombie.
  • Notice how you’ll be able to jump much higher when you execute a higher leap via “Charged Jump“.
  • Probably one of the most fun things to do is to lay electromagnetic pulse detonations through your “EMP Blast
  • Additionally, you can even poison your opponents by throwing “Gas Grenades“.

Warzone Final Zombie Chapter

While the feature to become a zombie was temporarily put on hold, the final chapter has reintroduced the zombie mode in Warzone. The seasonal Halloween event -“Haunting” is just around the corner, so now’s a good time to refresh your zombie memory and take revenge or salvage your teammates as the infected. The Haunting drops on October 19th, so brace yourselves, you can get the win – alive or undead.

In order to best put it- becoming a zombie seems to be a pretty fun thing to do in Call of Duty Warzone! We hope you liked this guide that was meant to assist you. Follow this article if you need to Fix Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Dev Error 6070.