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How To Easily Beat Wotan the Invincible In Borderlands 3

Are you wondering about how to beat Wotan the Invincible raid boss In Borderlands 3? Make sure to check it out right here

Wotan the Invincible in Borderlands 3 is a powerful robot Raid boss that can be difficult to deal with if you’re prepared with the proper gear, weapons, and a certain level. By no means is this a pushover that you can do by yourself and you’re going to need a good team to take down this behemoth of a boss in the game. If you still wish to challenge Wotan the Invincible in Borderlands 3 and want to know how to defeat it, here’s what you need to do.

How To Beat Wotan the Invincible In Borderlands 3


To beat Wotan the Invincible in Borderlands 3, you will need to have a team that is at level 50 minimum, Borderlands raid bosses have been known to be a grind and more often than not, they can be overwhelming and this is true for this one as well. To defeat Wotan, you will need to go through 4 different phases, attack at the weak points and beware of the attack patterns.

How To Beat Wotan the Invincible In Borderlands 3
To Beat Wotan the Invincible In Borderlands 3 you will need to defeat all 4 phases

Wotan the Invincible in Borderlands 3 is the final boss in the Takedown on Maliwan Mission, it has high health that depletes very slowly, has shields that make it seem invincible, and on top of that has an arsenal of attacks that can whack you out in no time.


Before you start this boss fight, we recommend that you get as many legendary weapons as you can. On top of that, corrosive and shock weapons will serve you best to take down this goliath, making things that bit easier for you. Make sure that you stock up on all the essentials and other things that will give you an edge in the fight.

The first phase of Wotan starts off with it, having two shields. These shields can be weakened by using shock weapons and alternatively, you can shoot at Wotan through the gaps at the bottom of the shields. Make sure that you’re able to read his two main attacks, the Missile Barrage, and Laser Shots, you can run, jump and dodge out of the missiles to save yourself and for the laser shots, all you need to do is find cover.

The second phase starts with Wotan having rotating shields, this can be a nuisance but you’re also going to be aware of the Valkyries that it summons, make sure that you decide on roles and assign to individuals accordingly, it will help you to focus attacks on Wotan and the lesser enemies as well. Attack at the metal giant, when you spot a gap in the shields, if you run along with the gap and keep shooting at Wotan, it will help you cause a lot of damage. As soon as the shields are down, Wotan will start jumping from one place to the other, make sure that you get out of the way.


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Phase three will commence when Wotan’s shield forms a 360-degree barrier, this is the perfect opportunity to get on top of a pillar and attack it from the top. There are two shields at play here, and if other players can focus on depleting the shields, you can damage Wotan in the meanwhile. Make sure to assign someone to keep an eye on Thor and Kraken robots that will be summoned during this phase so as to not get blindsided and die in the fight.

Finally, the last phase will have Wotan the Invincible split in two halves, the upper half will attack with missiles and move about while the lower half will eject energy orbs while jumping. You will need to defeat both halves, in order to defeat Wotan the Invincible in Borderlands 3.


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