How To Beat The Tool Box Boss In It Takes Two

Are you having difficulties in beating the Tool Box Boss in It Takes Two? Check out these simple tips here

The Tool Box boss in It Takes Two can be a horrifying battle as it is just an unrelenting stream of attacks that you have to dodge and taking down the boss can be a bit difficult. If you wish to know the perfect strategy to defeat this boss, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Beat The Tool Box Boss In It Takes Two

To beat the Tool Box boss battle in It Takes Two you will have to make sure that you do not get hit. The best thing to do is ensure that you understand the attack pattern of the tool box boss and learn how to effectively dodge those attacks.

how to beat tool box boss in it takes two
You will need to counter all of his attacks and then attack him to defeat the tool box boss It Takes Two

The first phase will have you dodge falling nails and avoid traps. This does feel overwhelming in the beginning but you will soon learn to get the hang of this.

The second phase of this boss battle starts with you and your partner on a wooden platform with the Tool Box Boss right in front of you, during this phase, just make sure that you do not get hit by anything.

You will also need to nail one of the boss’ arms to the wood. As soon as you’ve done it, fire the other two nails on his arm so that May can swing across and hammer to break the locks, you will need to repeat this process twice.

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Once again a new phase will begin where you will have to dodge attacks and this time around, the stakes will start to get higher. Look for the opportunity where the Tool Box boss places his arm on the ground and has Cody get on the edge of his arm and let May hammer the yellow circle all the way to the left.

Your objective is to catapult Cody so that he can attack the gas canister, this does take a few tries but eventually repeating this process will defeat the Tool Box Boss in It Takes Two.

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