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How To Save Your Game In It Takes Two

Learn How to Save your Game in It Takes Two.

It Takes Two is a new game where you step into the shoes of Cody and Amy to save their relationship. But how can you save your game progress in It Takes Two? Otherwise, all the progress that you have made in completing the tasks to bring Cody and Amy back together will have gone to waste. Find out about the methods to save game progress by scrolling and reading below.

How to Save your game progress in It Takes Two

How to save game in It Takes Two
Learn how to use the game’s save features.

There is no manual way to save game progress. This can be a bit of a bummer and potentially even a letdown for a game. There is no way to trigger a manual save option. Even in the Pause menu, there isn’t such a feature when you are playing the game.  Nor is there any dedicated Save button for the same. You will have to rely on the game’s Autosave feature for this purpose. The Autosave feature gets activated when you reach certain checkpoints in the game.

Every time you reach a new level or waypoint the game will trigger the autosave function. Sometimes when you are crossing a stage the game will autosave. However, if you quit the game while you are between checkpoints the game will return you to the checkpoint where you began your progress from. There is one trick to trigger the Autosave function however and that is by selecting the ‘Return to Main-Menu’ option. To know the game is being autosaved you can look in the bottom right corner and you will see a ‘Book of Love’ icon hovering around. This indicates that your progress is being saved.

This is the complete guide on How to Save game progress in It Takes Two. Keep visiting our It Takes Two guide page to stay up to date about the game and its features.