How To Beat The Rancor In Star Wars Jedi Survivor (Boss Fight)

Rancor is terrifying but not invincible. Check out our guide on how to defeat this optional boss.

Rancor is one of the toughest bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and many players avoid fighting him. Since he is optional, it does not impact many players. However, once you beat him, you can unlock one of the best perk skills in Jedi Survivor. So how do you defeat him if he is so difficult? There are a few tips that we would like to pass on to you since we have already defeated him once before. Hopefully, our tips and tricks will help you defeat Rancor.

How to Defeat Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Rancor Boss Fight Tips and Tricks Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The only way you can defeat Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is by keeping patience and dodging his attacks. Although you come across this boss quite early in the game, we recommend you wait till you have unlocked Perks that will help you in this fight. Also, for this Legendary fight, we recommend you use the dual sword stance.

This rumor mission will be made available after speaking with the Prospector off to the right of the Rambler’s Reach Outpost Meditation Point. Once you are done with that, the quest Find the Missing Prospectors starts and then you need to head to Sodden Grotto Meditation Point and head straight for the arena where you battle Rancor.

Rancor Boss Fight Tips and Tricks

Now that you have started your fight, here are some important tips and tricks that you need to remember as you look to beat Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

  • While he attacks you with his claws as a basic hit, you can land in a couple of your hits but that’s it. Make sure you are backing off quickly as this fight is going to be a marathon rather than an attacking forum.
  • Players need to watch out for his Ground Stomp that releases a Shockwave and the only way to dodge it is by jumping over the shockwaves. You might get a chance to land a couple of hits but don’t get carried away.
  • Another attack of his is the Ground Slam which will also release Shockwaves and jumping out is the only escape. If you are close to Rancor, land a couple of strikes and then back off as this would be useful if you want to beat him in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • Next, he uses a Grab Attack that you can dodge. This one will give you a bigger opening to land more blows but watch out for his flailing arms.
  • Although it is quite difficult, we found it easier to attack him after getting behind him on numerous ocassions. So we recommend you try that out as well.
  • At the end, if you have patience and dodge or parry his basic attacks while landing a couple of blows per opening, you will soon be able to defeat him.

Once you beat Rancor in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you will be able to get the Shatter Perk found in his arena. After that, head back to the Prospector to complete the quest.

That’s all from this Legendary boss fight. Cal has a more defined customization in Jedi Survivor so check out how to unlock Outfits. While you are here, do check out our Jedi Survivor section for more such guides right here at Gamer Tweak.