How To Unlock Outfits In Star Wars Jedi Survivor (Locations)

Although Outfits don't improve your attacks, players should unlock as many as they can in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Check out our guide for the locations of a few clothes.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor can unlock and equip from a pool of numerous outfits spread around the world. Although Cal’s journey in Fallen Order was pretty much bland, the latest Star Wars installment has offered a lot of character customization. Along with the Lightsaber Customization, players are now also treated to numerous outfits that they can get from around the world. While they won’t be easy to find, we have a few locations that you can explore to get some of the outfits. As you read below, we will show you how to equip these clothes on Cal.

How to Unlock Outfits in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor New Outfits Location

If you want to unlock new Outfits, you will have to find special boxes and chests at different locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. It is through these boxes that you will be able to get new outfits in the game. While clothes have no such importance, they make Cal look fashionable now that you can customize his beard and hairstyle as well.

Although players should look for important things like Perks at the start of the game, no harm in stumbling upon your desired clothes if you are close to the locations. Currently, players can unlock three types of clothes, Jackets, Shirts, and Pants.

How to Equip New Outfits

If you have managed to unlock more Outfits via the chests, it is time you equip them and try to change how Cal looks in the game. From the Menu, head to the Customization tab and then you can toggle through all the clothes that you have unlocked for Cal.

All Outfit Locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Here are a few locations where you can find new Outfits within special boxes or chests:

  • Tactical Jacket – Derelict Dam
  • Tactical Pants – Swindler’s Wash
  • Tactical Shirt – Swindler’s Wash
  • Hunter Jacket – Hunter’s Quarry
  • Hunter Shirt – Basalt Rift
  • Hunter Pants – Basalt Rift
  • Bomber Jacket – Hunter’s Quarry
  • Bomber Shirt – Fort Kah’lin
  • Scrapper Outfit – Rambler’s Reach Outpost
  • Poncho Outfit – Fort Kah’lin
  • Wanderer Jacket – Bygone Settlement
  • Wanderer Shirt – Monastry Walls

How to Buy Outfits

Doma’s Shop in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is one of the best places if you want to buy a few outfits. Players can purchase numerous Jackets, Shirts, and Pants. You will have to first rescue droid Zee in Rambler’s Reach.

That’s all we have on Outfits. If you are playing Jedi Survivor on PC, we recommend you check out the Best PC Graphics Settings. While you are here, check out our dedicated section on Jedi Survivor for more such guides here at Gamer Tweak.