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How To Beat Level 47 On OvO – Guide To Complete

OvO is a browser game where you have to survive as a stickman through different levels. This guide will help you beat Level 47 that is quite elusive in OvO.

As a fast-paced browser game, OvO heavily relies on timing. As a stickman running through different levels to survive, it can be difficult to beat Level 47 of OvO on your own. Your timing through the portals is one of the keys to completing Level 47. Sadly, if you touch any of the obstacles you will have to restart the level, and hence many players are having problems with this particular level. So read below as we explain how to survive Level 47.

How to Complete Level 47 on OvO

OvO Beat Level 47

As we mentioned, you have to time your jumps through the portal. Once you cross the spawn region, it will get pretty much easier. Since you might make mistakes and end up having to restart, see how to survive Level 47 in OvO:

  • From the spawn point, jump up and into the right side wall to hit the switch and open the red door.
  • Now, slide through the door and jump on the portal between the spikes to teleport to the wall on the left. Once again, time your jump on to the portal above.
  • After that, you will be teleported into the upper-right box, with the arrow leading to the left. If you have timed your teleport properly, you will land directly on top of the moving bar.
  • Now, jump onto the left wall and then you will teleport across the wall.
  • Jump on the left portal once again and you will teleport to the lower part.
  • Now you can jump over the spikes without touching them. The Level 47 of OvO should now be fairly simple going forward.
  • While you land close to the caution sign, remember to go into the left portal instead of heading right.
  • Once you teleport, head to the left portal once again to reach the final part of Level 47.
  • All you have to do now is cross the spikes and land on the portal and it will directly take you to the final flag.

Surely all of this sounds confusing so check out this video from Lon64 that will help you complete the Level 47 of OvO:

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