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How to Beat Billy the Anointed in Borderlands 3

Tips to kill Billy

Borderlands 3 has its fair share of guns and adversaries as you play along with the game, as you progress in the main storyline you will be confronted with creatures and people beyond your wildest imagination. This guide will show you how to beat billy the anointed in Borderlands 3.

How to Beat Billy the Anointed in Borderlands 3

As and when you reach Jakobs Estate, you will reach a small cabaret room and have a tough boss to fight against, this is Billy the Anointed a mercenary How to Beat Billy the Anointed in Borderlands 3.

Billy is a large brute and will cause a lot of damage if he lands a hit on you, make sure that you keep a safe distance from him at all times.

You will have a ton of additional minions coming at you, shooting with their shotguns, it is advised to finish them off at the soonest and then target Billy.

Billy’s Shockwave attacks are strong and you will know he is charging them up as he claps his hands. Jump to avoid being hit with it.

If you keep moving around and dodging Billy’s attacks it will be easier to take down Billy the Anointed.

This is all there is to know about how to beat Billy the Anointed in Borderlands 3.

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