Diablo 2 Resurrected How To Defeat Baal | Tor’Baalos Boss Fight Guide

Ready to complete the game but now sure how to approach Baal in Diablo II Resurrected? This guide will help you out.

No game is complete without a good boss battle, and D2R won’t disappoint you when it comes to the last boss. Baal is the final boss of this game. After you beat Diablo, his brother the Lord of Destruction arrives to take his brother’s throne as the Ultimate Prime Evil. Since you’ve been through so much in the game it’s time to defeat the last boss and claim victory in this fight. So in this guide let’s take a look at how to beat Baal boss in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

How to Beat Baal in Diablo 2 Resurrected

how to beat baal in diablo 2 resurrected

We will break down this guide into different parts to better understand where you can find Baal and what his attacks & abilities are. Lastly, we’ll check his stats and the strategy on how to defeat him.

Where to Find Baal Location in Diablo 2 Resurrected

You can find Baal in The Worldstone Chamber for Act 5. You can reach this area by using the portal found on the dais of the Throne of Destruction level.

Baal Spell Abilities And Attacks

While the Lord of Destruction can do terrible damage when he uses his melee attacks, he can also use some strong spells. These are the spells use by Baal:

  • Blood Mana: This spell makes the character lose an equal amount of HP as the amount of Mana they spent while casting a spell. Although this spell is only used upon characters that have more Mana than HP.
  • Defense Curse: It reduces the defense of his enemies.
  • Festering Appendage: Baal summons tentacles from inside the ground. These tentacles will lash at any targets that are nearby which does damage.
  • Hoarfrost: A wave of ice is used to knock back the players while dealing them ice damage.
  • Incineration Nova: Launces a nova of Fireballs.
  • Mana Rift: Drains 50% Mana immediately upon contact with the target while dealing them some damage. This spell looks like a yellow fire shot out of a flamethrower.
  • Vile Effigy: Baal creates a clone of himself that can use the same abilities and spells as Baal.

Tor’Baalos Stats

Baal’s stats change for each difficulty. So each time you fight him the amount of damage you have to deal him will change. But you also get more experience in each fight. So these are Baal’s stats:

  • Normal
    • HP: 26484
    • Experience: 216828
  • Nightmare
    • HP: 117596
    • Experience: 1619522
  • Hell
    • HP: 493701
    • Experience: 4536276

Strategy to Defeat and Kill Baal in this Boss Fight

These are the things to consider before you get into the fight with him.

  • Stock up on all sorts of Potions to help recover HP and Mana. It will be useful when you get low on either of them during the fight.
  • Since Baal uses lots of magic damage like cold, lightning, and fire, carry resistances for them.
  • Recruit Mercs that do ranged attacks or cold damage to help you in the fight. It is recommended to bring Iron Wolves from Act 3 that can use Glacial Spike, Ice Blast, or Frozen Armor.
  • Level up your character. Quite an odd tip but still an important one because if you are under-leveled chances of you losing is very high.

These are the things to do to defeat Baal:

  • Attack the tentacles: This will not only deal damage to him but you can use it to steal life or mana. It is also a lot easier to target these than Baal.
  • Get rid of his Vile Effigy to focus on him: Baal’s clone is easy to identify as it takes damage faster than him and also his HP is half of that of Baal.
  • Use cold attacks to slow him down: You can either use freeze arrows or other cold spells to slow Baal down while dealing damage. Alternatively, you could also get your mercs to deal Ice damage.
  • Heal when knocked back: Baal often uses spells that will knock you back and you can use it in your favor by healing or recovering Mana by using potions.
  • Deal Physical damage: If your character can do melee attacks then deal as many physical attacks as possible. Or you could take mercs like Rogue with you which can do physical attacks from a safe distance, while you fight up close.

That sums up this boss fight guide on how to defeat Baal in Diablo 2 Resurrected. While Baal may be the last boss there is also a secret boss which you can fight now that you have beaten him. Check out our guide on how to unlock the secret cow level in D2R.