How To Add Friends In Honkai Star Rail Explained

Shreyansh Shah
4 Min Read

Any game is advantageous when you have teammates. While Honkai Star Rail does not have a perfect multiplayer system, you can still Add Friends. Of course there is a way to use friends even though you cannot play with them in Star Rail. We will explain all that in this guide so make sure you check it out entirely.

Add Friends in Honkai Star Rail with UID Number

Why Add Friends in Star Rail
Image Source: MonkeyKingHero (YouTube)

Honkai Star Rail follows the system of UID number and you need to use that to add friends. But before this feature unlocks, you will have to progress through at least two hours of the main story line. On completing the quest Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow: The Voyage Continues, you will find yourself exploring Astral Express. From this point, the Friends tab will unlock in Star Rail. Here’s what you need to do going forward to add friends:

  • Open the main menu in the game and then select the Friends tab from here.
  • In the new window, you can scroll through a list of Profiles suggested by Star Rail. In my opinion that is a waste of time.
  • Simply ask your friend for their UID Number displayed at the bottom left of their screen. Now in the search bar above, use this UID Number and you will be able to add your friends in Honkai Star Rail.

Is There Multiplayer or Co-Op in Honkai Star Rail?

Sadly, there is no Co-op in Honkai Star Rail. Yes you can add friends in the game. However, they cannot join your match like Genshin Impact. Instead the multiplayer in Honkai Star Rail simply functions at a different capacity and mechanism. The Star Rail multiplayer will allow you to get a temporary Support character from your friend and have them on your team for certain quests and missions.

Why Add Friends in Star Rail?

How to Add Friends in Star Rail

Now that we explain why you should add friends in Honkai Star Rail, you will understand the importance of this mechanic. As we mentioned, you can get a temporary Support character from your friend and use them for a quest or mission. You can also set a Support Character from your Trailblaze Profile for your friends to select.

Once they use your Support Character, you will be rewarded with Credits. The amount entirely depends on how many players are using your Support Character. So if you have one of the strong characters in your game as the Support, this is a great way to earn some Credits.

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