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How To Run & Sprint In Hogwarts Legacy

Read this guide to know how to run & sprint in Hogwarts Legacy.

In the enormous overworld of Hogwarts Legacy, knowing how to run is no doubt necessary. While you can always use your broom to easily travel around the map, you won’t unlock it until you have progressed further in the main story. Moreover, you can’t use it indoors or in certain locations around the map. This guide will show how you can run & sprint easily in the Wizarding World.

How to Sprint in Hogwarts Legacy

If you want to sprint in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to press the L3 button on your PlayStation or Xbox controller. On PC, players will need to press the “Shift+W” keys simultaneously to run. Nintendo Switch users as well can use the same L3 toggle button in order to sprint. Now, your character will move much faster than before. Keep in mind that you will have to complete the first few objectives of the first main story quest to unlock the “Sprint” option.

hogwarts legacy running

Most games have a stamina meter which allows a particular character to run only for a limited period of time before the meter hits zero. You will normally need to wait till the gauge is refilled again. However, as there is no stamina meter in Hogwarts Legacy, you don’t need to take a break from running. You can sprint as long as you like without worrying about any stamina meter from holding you back.

Since you can’t use brooms inside the castle, Hogsmeade and other specific locations, sprinting is the best way to get to and fro or the never-ending stairs! It is also incredibly useful in combat as you will be able to evade attacks faster and place yourself in better positions. To put it simply, the run & sprint mechanism is a useful tactic in every battle as well.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about how to run & sprint in Hogwarts Legacy. We hope this guide was of some help to you. If you’re still here, you may also like to learn how to dive or how to sell unwanted gear and how to sleep in our Hogwarts Legacy section.