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How Ranking Works in Apex Legends – Ranked Mode Walkthrough

Want to be a winner?

Apex Legend Revenant Season 4 challenges are live and if you are struggling to get a good rank then there is a step by step guide on how ranking works in Apex Legends. Learn how the ranked mode works in Apex Legends, and get tips on how to earn Ranked Points (RP) to level up. Earning Ranked Points (RP) will help you to compete with stronger players so that you can level up more. So here is everything about how ranked mode work in Apex Legends.

How Ranked Mode Works in Apex Legends

Ranked Mode also called as Ranked League in Apex Legends is a competitive arena where you play with other players of similar skills. By winning the matches you earn better ranks that put you in the list of high tiers players.  Unlocking new Rank also offers you rewards on the basis of ranks.

Ranking system is simple in Apex Legends offering a decent set of skills players can earn. Ranked Mode in Apex Legends does not come with any demotion, this means if you lose you are not going to fall below.

Taking part in Ranked match is not free, there is a cost which paid in the form of RP’s in Apex Legends. Here is a list of all costs you have to pay to take part in Ranked Matches in Apex Legends.

  • Bronze Matches – Free to participate
  • Silver Matches – 12RP
  • Gold Matches – 24RP
  • Platinum Matches – 36RP
  • Diamond Matches – 48RP
  • Apex Predator – 60RP

How to earn Ranks in Apex Legends?

Whether you are starting new, or played the game a few times understanding the Ranking system will help you to grab bigger competitive matches.

Ranked points or RP in Apex Legends are rewarded on the basis of ranked placement and total skills. If you are able to make your position in the Top 10 List you earn higher RP. Ranked Points are rewarded in between 10RP to 100RP depending on your placement in the winner’s list. So if you are able to make your spot on top you will earn more RP that will allow you to take part in more competitive matches.

RP is not rewarded for heals or revies, it is only limited to assists and kills.

How to Kill Assist in Apex Legends?

Kill Assist is a feature that increases the damage to a player within 5 seconds before they are killed. If the player is revived the Kill Assist is cleared, and it only was given to a player who earns the kill. If you are competing with a single-player then you do not get the kill. You can unlock 10RP for every kill or assist, there are 5 kills per match. You can easily earn more Ranked Points on the basis of your position, for example, if you are on 7th Rank you will earn 12RP. This increases with the rise of your position.

Ranking does not really fall in Apex Legends, once you are in the Platinum you might fall in the Tiers, like Platinum I or Platinum II, but you will not fall down to lower ranks below that category. Your position falls from a higher tier to lower because of the RP cost you pay to participate in the match.