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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Pop Balloons

Read this guide to learn how to pop balloons in Hogwarts Legacy.

Trying to figure out how to pop those big balloons in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, we understand that it can get a little frustrating. You might have tried using various spells but none of them managed to help. However, bursting those balloons is quite simple and you wouldn’t even need to use any of your spells to do it. Read this guide to know how.

How to Pop Balloons in Hogwarts Legacy

burst balloons

If you want to pop balloons in Hogwarts Legacy, all you need to do is fly right through them with your broom. Yes, it is that simple. There’s absolutely no need for any spells here. Just steer your broom midair into those balloons to pop them instantly.

One thing that you must keep in mind is maintain a slow approach while flying towards the balloon. If you use the speed boost on your broom, the probability of missing the balloons will be significantly higher as you will be on top speed. Hence, we would advise you to pop these balloons without using the speed boost as it is much easier and gives you better accuracy. However, make sure you have completed the ‘Flight Test’ quest to unlock the broom.

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Where to Find the Balloons in Hogwarts Legacy

You will be required to pop the balloons during Madam Kogawa’s first assignment quest. Travel to Hogsmeade Station where you will be able to find the first few balloons. You will find the next few hovering above the Quidditch Pitch. Pop all of the balloons and head back to Madam Kogawa. The quest will now be completed, and you will receive the Glacius spell as a reward. This spell has the ability to freeze and incapacitate your enemies.

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With that, we have reached the end of our guide on how to pop balloons in Hogwarts Legacy. For more tips and tricks like these, head to our Hogwarts Wiki page on Gamer Tweak.