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How Old Do You Need To Be To Play Fortnite? (Answered)

Wondering if your kid's the right age to play battle royale? Check out our guide on how old you need to be to play Fortnite.

Fortnite is an ultimate MMO video game that brings up to 100 players against each other. You can find characters from different popular movies, TV, and more. Marvel and Star Wars are one of the most popular and recurring crossovers that keep on hyping the players. But aside from the hype, it is a battle royale game. Although it is played by a large population for endless hours, it also offers an Age rating for players. Like every game, this is for parents to ensure if it is appropriate for their kids to play this game. So, let’s find out the age rating and how old do you need to be to play Fortnite.

How Old Do You Need to Be to Play Fortnite (Age Rating)


According to the ESRB rating, Fortnite is rated T for teenagers. This means that the game is appropriate for the ages 13 and above. If your age is between 13-18, you can seek permission from your parent or legal guardian to play Fortnite. Speaking of the PEGI rating, it is suitable for kids above 12 years to play this battle royale game. Comparing Fortnite with other similar games, violence is nerfed down to a great extent. It displays neither any blood nor g*ore in the gameplay. Fortnite’s animation and graphics are cartoon-like with a wide range of options to change skins. So, we don’t think that it could be a matter of issue.

fortnite how old do you need to be to play age rating

Although the game doesn’t display anything inappropriate for kids, it involves killing players to survive in the end. In my opinion, this might be slightly inappropriate for some children and parents. As it is a battle royale, random players from all over the server join public matches. For kids of a much younger age, parents might need to monitor their gameplay experience in all. That’s because, if some players don’t perform well, some toxic players do get angry. This might not happen in all matches but parents can ensure their kid’s gameplay by monitoring. To avoid these hassles, you can also disable their voice chat.


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