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Fortnite: How Many Storm Zones/Circles Are There In A Match?

Find out the number of Storm Zones and Circles for every Fortnite match. Learn about the DPS, duration of each Zone and more.

Storm Zones and Circles are the single most important element in Fortnite. Competitive Battle Royale players usually plan their approach in each match while paying attention to the Storm Zones. Casual players must be mindful too, as the Storm can quickly damage their HP. So, you might be wondering how many Storm Circles will you have to survive to reach the end game. We have answered how many Storm Zones are there in a Fortnite match in our guide below.

How Many Storm Zones and Circles are there in a Fortnite Match?

There will be 12 Storm Zones or Circles in every Fortnite match from now on in 2023. Many Fortnite players were used to 9 Storm Circles previously. However, Epic Games recently added three extra Storm Zones in the latest Chapter 4 Season 2 update. The match duration in Fortnite will remain the same even with the 12 Storm Circles.

This is a massive change for something as vital as Storm Circles. The duration and size of the zones have been changed as well. But fortunately, the Storm inflicts less damage than before. You will only take 1 DPS from the Storm Circles during the first 5 Zones. Here are the values of each Storm Zone’s DPS, duration, and more:

Zones Grace Period Shrink Time

Storm DPS (Damage Per Second)

Zone 0 60s  –  –
Zone 1 120s 120s 1 DPS
Zone 2 90s 90s 1 DPS
Zone 3 105s 90s 1 DPS
Zone 4 90s 90s 1 DPS
Zone 5 60s 60s 1 DPS
Zone 6 60s 60s 2 DPS
Zone 7 60s 60s 5 DPS
Zone 8 45s 45s 8 DPS
Zone 9 30s 45s 10 DPS
Zone 10 0s 40s 10 DPS
Zone 11 0s 40s 10 DPS
Zone 12 0s 60s 10 DPS

That’s all you need to know on how many Storm Zones and Circles are there in a Fortnite match. Since you’re here, you may like to know about all the Timber Pine Locations or how to unlock the Mega-Brella. For similar guides like these, head to our Fortnite section on Gamer Tweak.