How Many Times Can You Get Banned On Roblox?

Here is an answer to Roblox players' biggest question.

Ever wondered how many times you can get banned on Roblox before your account is permanently blocked? Roblox is currently the best platform to play hundreds of free experiences. You can have endless hours of fun with your friends and even make new ones on games like Adopt Me or Super Striker League. But you can also get banned for inappropriate behavior. Let’s look at how many times you can get banned before you lose your account permanently.

How Many Times Can You Get Banned on Roblox?

how many times can you get banned on roblox

Players can get flagged if they violate any Roblox guidelines and are reported by other players to a moderator. Contrary to popular rumors, there is no set limit to how many times you can get banned. All bans are on a case-to-case basis. That means it’s up to the moderator who will review any complaints against you. The length and severity of the ban also depend on your history as a player.

If you have a pattern of breaking rules, using hacks, or sharing adult content then your bans will be more frequent and longer each time. Depending on your case you can get a 1-day ban, a 3-day ban, and the longest possible 7-day ban. However, if you continue to break the rules your account can be permanently banned. Players looking to avoid any kind of ban can follow these steps.

  • Avoid using any kind of bad words or short forms in the chat.
  • Do not mention or talk about anything adult related.
  • Don’t hack any games
  • Don’t get into any fights online.
  • Avoid spamming the chat.
  • Don’t scam any players for Robux
  • Be nice to everyone you meet.

Hopefully, that answers any questions you had. If you are free of any bans check out guides on Roblox games for any tips and tricks you need.