Elden Ring: Who To Give Prayerbooks To

Read this guide to know who to give Prayerbooks to in Elden Ring.

The vast world of the Lands Between in Elden Ring is full of interesting quests, deadly enemies and valuable items. Prayerbooks are one of the best items for becoming a master at Incantations while also helping you create a Faith-based build. They can help you learn new sorceries and Incantations. These books are spread across the vast overworld. While they are not that easy to find, learning how to use them is a different story. If you’re confused about this, then you’re at the right place. Here is who you should give Prayerbooks to in Elden Ring.

Who to Give Prayerbooks to in Elden Ring

To be able to learn new Incantations, you will have to give the book to a cleric. These clerics will then teach you Incantations. Here are the cleric NPCs who you can give Prayerbooks to in Elden Ring:

  • Brother Corhyn
  • Miriel, Pastor of Vows

Where to Find Brother Corhyn

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Brother Corhyn can be found in the Roundtable Hold. There are different ways to get here. One of them is by resting at a Site of Grace outside Limgrave. Melina will appear suddenly and offer to ferry you to the Roundtable Hold. Once you approach Brother Corhyn, you can trade the Prayerbooks with him to learn Incantations. However, if you have already completed Brother Corhyn’s questline, he will no longer be at the Roundtable Hold. Since his location keeps on changing, you should consider the next NPC – Miriel.

Where to Find Miriel, Pastor of Vows

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Miriel is located at the Church of Vows in Liurnia of the Lakes region. He is a huge silver tortoise with a mitre (hat worn by bishops) on his head. When you interact with him, he will offer to share his knowledge of Sorceries and Incantations along with some lore on Elden Ring. Just give the Prayerbook to Miriel in order to learn new Incantations.

That’s all you need to know about who to give Prayerbooks to in Elden Ring. For more tips and tricks like these, head over to our Elden Ring section on Gamer Tweak.