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Sims FreePlay Cheat 2023: How To Earn Unlimited Money

Read this guide to know how to get unlimited money in The Sims FreePlay.

Want to get unlimited money in The Sims FreePlay? Well, then look no further. Earning quick money in EA Mobile’s strategic simulator can be quite difficult. There are several hacks that guarantee unlimited money in the game. But you should avoid them as you can lose your game account to hackers, get banned by EA Sports or worse, get duped. In this guide, we will show you a tried and tested method of getting unlimited Simoleons through a money cheat.

How to Get Unlimited Money in The Sims FreePlay (Cheat)

First things first, you will need to buy an empty lot. If possible, try clearing the trees, bushes in this lot so it’s clean and has more space. Now, you will need to go to Build Mode in The Sims FreePlay. Once you’re in the build mode, create one block of room all the way across. It will cost you 280 Simoleons. After this you will have to start extending each row in sequence. A special shout out to XCultureSimsX on Youtube who discovered this money cheat. From here on in, make sure you follow all the steps exactly as shown below:

build a house cheat

  1. After placing your first room, extend it to 2 blocks which will cost you 10 Simoleons.
  2. Again, extend the room to 2 blocks. This time it will cost you 30 Simoleons.
  3. Now, go down 3 blocks to build more rooms. You will need to shell out 40 Simoleons this time.
  4. You will need to expand again by 3 blocks. The price will be only 10 Simoleons this time.
  5. Expand by 3 blocks for the last time, it will cost you 20 Simoleons only.
  6. Lastly, you will see there are only 4 vacant spaces left. Extend them all at once for 40 Simoleons.

The reason we’re expanding this room in sequences is because it costs only 430 Simoleons. If you build an entire room in this lot all at once, it will cost you close to 100,000 Simoleons!

Now, comes the important part, go to the Floor section. Tap on the “Free” tab and you will see one or several floors that you can use for free. Place the free floor in your newly created room.

Next, go to the “Walls” section and from the filter, select “Free” again. Place the free wall in your room now. Finally, sell the house that you just built. You are bound to receive a huge chunk of profit. Rinse and repeat this method to get unlimited money in the Sims FreePlay.

free walls and floor the sims freeplay

In our case, it took us 430 Simoleons to build the entire house. We sold it for 100,000 Simoleons. Hence, we made a profit of 99,570 Simoleons. A bonus tip – try using free Floors and Walls that look expensive. In this way, the valuation of your house will increase massively.

That’s all you need to know about how to get unlimited money in The Sims FreePlay. For more tips & tricks, check out how to get Married & how to get more Lifestyle points in The Sims FreePlay.