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How To Find Darkblade In Diablo 4

The Darkblade is an extremely rare weapon in Diablo 4. It is a sword that can be equipped by the Rogue class and has overall Item Power of 283. It is not only a rare drop but also the ultimate Rogue weapon. Moreover, another reason why many players are after this sword is due to the fact it glows. This again makes it a standout weapon in the game. So, if you belong to the Rogue class and want to switch to an overpowered sword, then the Darkblade should be on your priority. If you don’t know where to find this rare sword, then let us help you out. Our guide will show you how you can get the Darkblade in Diablo 4.

How to Get Darkblade in Diablo 4

how to find the darkblade in diablo IV

You can get the Darkblade after beating Sir Lynna in Diablo 4. The glowing sword will be dropped by the rare enemy upon defeat. Here are some of the stats of the Darkblade in D4:

  • 170 Damage Per Second
    • 124 – 186] Damage per Hit
    • 1.10 Attacks per Second (Fast Weapon)
  • +4.5% Critical Strike Damage
  • +2.0 – +4.5% Shadow Damage
  • +5.0 – 9.0% Crowd Control Duration Bonus
  • +2.0 – 4.5% Damage over Time

The Super Unique Monster wields a spear and a giant shield. Sir Lynna will usually be at Level 20 so ensure you are at a similar or better level. Moreover, the rare monster will only spawn during the night in D4. Here is where you can find Sir Lynna in the Sanctuary.

Sir Lynna Location Diablo 4

sir lynna location diablo 4

Sir Lynna can be found at Kylsik Plateau, Fractured Peaks in Diablo 4. Keep in mind that the Super Unique Monster will spawn only during the night. Since Sir Lynna will most likely be Level 20, you must have already unlocked Specializations for the Rogue class. By using the Specializations, you will easily be able to defeat Sir Lynna and get a Darkblade upon defeat.

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That’s all you need to know on how to get Darkblade in Diablo 4. For more guides on the game, head to our Diablo 4 section on Gamer Tweak.