How To Get Rope In Sons Of The Forest

Here is how to find the rope's location in Sons of The Forest.

Want to know how to find Ropes in Sons of The Forest? We know that looking for them can take some quite time if you don’t know their best locations. Since ropes are the most common of items while crafting the first few materials early in the game, you should collect them as soon as possible. But a fair warning, searching for them in the wrong places may put you right into the hands of the deadly demons and creepy mutants on the island. Keep reading till the end to know the location of ropes in the game.

How to Find Rope in Sons of The Forest

The best places to find Rope are at mutant camps, beaches, crash sites, caves, and bunkers in Sons of The Forest. Be advised, if you’re entering mutant camps, keep yourselves prepared for a gruesome fight. However, since you want to know about a designated location to get ropes, check the image below:

ropes location

This spot is located on the western side of the Sons of The Forest map. You will have to enter the cave here and go all the way in until you see a group of skulls. Just pick up the rope in the corner, collect other items, and exit the cave.

Apart from the location mentioned above, you can also find them Ropes in random containers strewn across the forest. Known as Reagent containers – these boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Just open these loot boxes and you will find a rope in some of them.

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Remember to not confuse yourself with Zipline ropes. These ropes are folded in an 8-shaped knot while a normal Rope is just rounded up. The Zipline ropes are specifically used for the Rope gun.

That’s all you need to know on how to find Rope in Sons of The Forest. If you want to know the uses of the rope, then check out how to build a suspension bridge in our Sons of The Forest section.