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How Do Souls Work In Minecraft Dungeons?

Know more about souls and how to gather them

The blocky art style of Minecraft and dungeon-crawling format gets combined in Minecraft Dungeons and fans are loving it. With iconic monsters as well as new enemies, famous weapons as well as brand new ones – Minecraft Dungeons has appeared with all guns blazing into the scene. There are also various mechanics in the game and one of them involves souls. What are souls and how do they work in the game? What is soul gathering in Minecraft Dungeons? Keep reading this guide to know.

Souls Guide: Soul Gathering in Minecraft Dungeons

In simple terms, souls of enemies can be gathered after you kill them with weapons or artifacts with Soul Gathering effect. But the souls aren’t collectibles, they are actually very useful for you during battle. How? Well, some artifacts that are soul-based will use souls to give you the boost you need during battle. So, your goal is to gather souls in order to use the artifacts that require soul gathering.

These artifacts can be identified based on the Souls icon and also have short cooldown periods. The more souls you have managed to collect, the more power you get through the artifact. You can use it to deal massive damage to your foes or to heal yourself when you need it the most. Another important thing to remember is that Soul Gathering will add up as you have more items with the Soul Gathering ability. Take a look at some artifacts with soul gathering:

Soul Gathering Artifacts:

  • Corrupted Beacon – Shoots a strong beam to continuously hurt mob enemies
  • Harvester – Creates a damaging area of effect explosion
  • Lightning Rod – Make a lightning bolt appear on an area by using souls
  • Soul Healer – Heals the player who is hurt the most.
  • Torment Quiver – This will provide slow arrows with knockback and which go through walls.

There are also some enchantments based on souls like the Anima Conduit, Soul Siphon and Enigma Resonator.

Soul Harvesting Weapons

There are soul-harvesting weapons that you can use in order to gather souls. You can make a soul gathering build to take down enemies as well. Here are some weapons that will provide soul gathering with kills.

  • Feral Soul Crossbow
  • Soul Scythe
  • Soul Knife
  • Soul Crossbow
  • Soul Bow
  • Voidcaller

Also note that every enemy has a soul so you have a lot of chances to collect them. But you won’t be able to catch them if the enemy dies due to some other reason. You must be responsible for its death using specific weapons in order to collect its soul.

There are also some armors that you can combine with other soul gathering items to provide better effects. They are Grim Armor, Phantom Armor, Soul Rober, Wither Armor.

So, this is how souls work in Minecraft Dungeons. For more useful information, tips and tricks, check out our Minecraft Dungeons guides.