How To Beat Altered Llingoceros In Forspoken [Boss Fight Guide]

Read this guide to understand how to beat Altered Llingoceros In Forspoken.

There are several boss fights that you will come across on Athea in Forspoken. Your character Frey will need to use different magic spells for each of them. One of the toughest battles you will face is Altered Llingoceros. You will find this world boss wandering around the fields of the city of Cipal, directly north of the Eastern Cipal Refuge. If you are struggling in this boss fight, then we are here to help you with this guide. Here is how to beat Altered Llingoceros in Forspoken.

How to Defeat Altered Llingoceros in Forspoken

If you plan on beating the Altered Llingoceros in Forspoken, you will have to ensure that you avoid its attack that has a flashing ‘X’ symbol on it. The mutant takes a short leap before it pounds the ground. Avoid using your Magic Parkour as it will be futile. Try to get away from the impact radius as much as you can by dodging.

altered llingoceros fire spell

The Altered Llingoceros resembles a real-life Elk. But it is a giant-sized and highly mutated version of it. Since the Llingoceros is resistant to Frey’s purple magic, you will have a hard time beating it. The fire magic works best on Llingoceros. Hence, we recommend that you only approach this battle after you defeat the boss in chapter five – Tanta Sila.

You will have your task cut out while you try to land attacks on Altered Llingoceros. For most of the fight, it will keep leaping in the air and swiftly changing positions. However, if you land up decent blows, the Altered Llingoceros will fall to the ground and take some time to get back up on its feet again. This is your best opportunity to inflict further damage. Keep using the Blast Slice spell and you’ll beat Llingoceros in no time.

That’s all you need to know on how to beat Altered Llingoceros in Forspoken. If you have just started the game, then take a look all the combat tips & tricks you should know in our Forspoken section on Gamer Tweak.