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How To Get To House of Grief In BG3 (Location)

Wondering where the House of Grief is located in Baldur's Gate 3? Here is how you can get to it.

One of the objectives of the Daughter of Darkness companion quest is to Journey to the House of Grief in Baldur’s Gate 3. Without getting too much into spoilers, this quest is important for Shadowheart. Here you get to save the ones important to her. But finding this place might feel tricky. Especially since the only hint you get about it is that it is located in the lower city of Baldur’s Gate. But using this guide you can easily find the location of the House of Grief in BG3.

How to Find the Location of House of Grief in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldurs Gate 3 House of Grief location

  1. Fast Travel to the Baldur’s Gate waypoint.
  2. From here, go northwest to reach the bridge at rough coordinates X: -238, Y: -25.
  3. Cross the bridge and climb up the stairs on the left.
  4. Once you pass under the wooden board you can see the game popup House of Grief to show you reached here.
  5. Use the double doors on the right to enter the House of Grief.

This is the fastest method to get here.

What to do in House of Grief?

Before you continue ahead there will be spoilers. So now that you have been warned let’s continue.

There are many things that happen here, to begin with, you get the option to save or give up Shadowheart. Next, there is also the fight with Mother Superior. And the most important thing here is the choice between saving Shadowheart’s parents or killing them. You can save them if you wish to see them all happy together. But if you want to make Shadowheart stronger and release her curse of Shar then you will have to make her kill her parents.

That’s it for this location that you can use to find the House of Grief in Baldur’s Gate 3 and what to do once you get there. If you need help on more such things then be sure to check out our BG3 section.