TOTK: How To Make Hot Buttered Apple (Ingredients & Recipe)

With the simplest of ingredients and little to no effort, players can make some tasty dishes that would restore Link’s hearts in Tears Of The Kingdom. One such dish you will come across and which Link can make without any hassle in the game is Hot Buttered Apple. This recipe is not only easy to make but players can add other ingredients to make the dish have additional properties. Here is our guide on how you can make Hot Buttered Apple in Zelda TOTK.

How do you Make Hot Buttered Apple in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom?

hot buttered apple in tears of the kingdom

The recipe for Hot Buttered Apples consists of just Apples and Goat Butter. Combining these ingredients in a cooking pot will give you a sweet dish which is will help you to restore two of Link’s hearts. Players can use Golden Apples instead of normal ones to restore additional two hearts in the game. You will come across these ingredients pretty much all across Hyrule. Now if you want to add some additional benefits to the recipe and have some temporary buffs, here is a list of some variations you can do to make Hot Buttered Apples.

  • Sunny Hot Buttered Apple= Add Sundelion
    Heals broken Gloom hearts
  • Chilly Hot Buttered Apple= Cool Safflina/Chillshroom
    Increases Link’s heat resistance
  • Spicy Hot Buttered Apple= Add Spicy Peppers/Warm Safflina/Sunshroom
    Increases Link’s cold resistance
  • Energizing Hot Buttered Apple= Add Stamella Shroom/ Stambulb
    Restores Link’s Stamina
  • Hearty Hot Buttered Apple= Add Any Hearty Vegetable
    Gives Link temporary bonus hearts
  • Enduring Hot Buttered Apple= Add Endura Carrot/Endura Mushroom
    Increases Link’s stamina temporarily
  • Electro Hot Buttered Apple= Add Electric Safflina/Zapshroom
    Increases Link’s electric resistance

That is everything covered on how you can make Hot Buttered Apples in Zelda TOTK. If you are looking for yet another simple recipe here is our guide on how to make Vegetable Omelet in Tears Of The Kingdom.