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Tears Of The Kingdom (TotK) Horned Statue Location

Not sure if you made the right choice at the Goddess Statue? Then, check out how to find Horned Statue in Zelda TotK to Respec your Hearts or Stamina easily.

If you regret your choice at the Goddess Statue, don’t worry; you can always Respec. For that, you’ll have to find & unlock the Horned Statue in Tears of the Kingdom. This statue is hidden in the Kingdom of Hyrule but can be found easily if you go in the right direction. But before that, ensure you have some Rupees with you. That’s because respecing your Heart or Stamina comes at a price. With that said, let’s see the location of the Horned Statue in Zelda TotK.

Where to Find Horned Statue in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

unlock horned statue location zelda tears of the kingdom
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You can find & unlock the Horned Statue in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) at Royal Hidden Passage (Coordinates: -0244 0156 0005). This passage is hidden in the Emergency Shelter located in Lookout Landing. Finding the statue for the first time triggers the Who Goes There quest in TotK. And in your first encounter, it’ll take away one of your Hearts containers, whether you like it or not. That triggers a quest known as A Deal with the Statue quest. If you still have trouble locating the statue, scroll down for details.

  1. First, head to Lookout Landing and look for Scorpis guarding the Emergency bunker. (Scorpis Coordinates: -0252 0121 0019)
  2. Interact with the NPC and he will open the Emergency Shelter for you.
  3. Once it’s unlocked, head inside it and look for a hole in the wall.
  4. Outside it, there’ll be two NPCs staring at the same hole.
  5. Go inside and break the Reddish brown rocks with your Rock Hammer or Bomb Flowers.
  6. And you’ll find yourself in the Royal Hidden Passage (Coordinates: -0244 0156 0005).

    break red rocks to enter the royal hidden passage location for horned statue in totk
    Source Image: RustyGamer
  7. Move towards your left and again break the Reddish brown rocks.
  8. Once done, in the room, you’ll find the Horned Statue you’re looking for in Tears of the Kingdom. (Statue Coordinates: -0239 0157 0004)
  9. And that completes the Who Goes There quest.

Now interact with the Statue, and it’ll take one of your Heart Containers. This will trigger a tutorial quest, A Deal with the Statue, that’ll introduce the Respec mechanic in TotK.

How to Swap Hearts & Energy in Zelda TotK (Respec Guide)

Complete the A Deal with the Statue quest to understand the Respec Mechanic.

  1. As soon as the TotK Horned Statue takes one of your Hearts, and will give 100 Rupees for it.
  2. Then, bargain and ask it to return your essence.
  3. Then it’ll give you the choice to take Stamina or Heart back for 120 Rupees.
  4. And after that, you’ll be able to Respec your essence anytime you want for 20 Rupees. But do note that you’ll have to sacrifice one of them, whether it be a Heart container or a Stamina vessel.

That covers how you can find & unlock Horned Statue to Respec/ swap your Hearts & Stamina in Tears of the Kingdom. If you want to get rid of some unimportant stuff, then check out the best items to sell items in Zelda TotK. Also, take a look at the best ways to farm Rupees & Diamonds in the game.