How to remove Black Borders in Horizon Zero Dawn PC?

Annoyed with black borders on a wide-screen monitor then here is what you can do in Horizon Zero Dawn PC.

Some gamers are not happy with Horizon Zero Dawn PC port. According to them the game was better on PS4 and porting on PC has failed their expectation. The game is dealing with various crashes and performance issues. This was not fixed, and now users have reported the game runs with thick black borders on widescreen monitors. We will try to debug this problem and help you in finding a solution for Horizon Zero Dawn PC’s wide-screen resolution.

How to remove borders from Horizon Zero Dawn PC on Wide-screen Monitor?

It is not right Horizon Zero Dawn PC is having issues with widescreen resolution, but if you are facing the same try checking the graphic settings. Test the game on different resolutions one by one and if there is no option you have to play it in zoomed mode. It might not be an optimal solution but this is how it will work.

Developers have notified the game is having problems and they are working on fixing to resolve the same. One of them is fixing the common crashing issue of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. For wide-screen support, you can only try testing it on different resolutions.

One of the common widescreen monitor resolutions is 1920×1080 @16:9 ratio. A 1080i must not give you black borders but if you are getting this then there two things you can try. First, you have to run video driver updates. GPU manufacturer’s like Nvidia offers Game-Ready drivers. They are designed to deliver optimized performance for gaming on different resolutions.

Many users have already requested for Horizon Zero Dawn PC drivers on Nvidia forums. So do check for updates, for the crashing and other problems you can try out basic steps. Check this guide for more details. Users on 2560×1080 resolutions have commonly reported about the black border bug in Horizon Zero Dawn PC.

Steam Fix:

To resolve the Ultra-Widescreen error there is one solution that work. Updated first on steam you will have to edit HorizonZeroDawn.exe file. Download and install HxD Editor on your system to modify this file. Remember to keep a backup and then follow the steps below. For more details check the source link.

  1. Open HxD Editor and click on File > Open.
  2. Select HorizonZeroDawn.exe.
  3. Press Ctrl + R and click on Hex Values. Click Search Direction “All”
  4. Search for 39 8E E3 3F.

To fix the Horizon Zero Dawn PC widescreen issue add the Hex code based on your screen resolution.

  • 2560×1080 = 26 B4 17 40
  • 3440×1440 = 8E E3 18 40
  • 3840×1080 = 39 8E 63 40
  • 3840×1440 = AB AA 2A 40
  • 3840×1600 = 9A 99 19 40
  • 3840×1620 = 26 B4 17 40
  • 5120×1440 = 39 8E 63 40
  • 5120×2160 = 26 B4 17 40
  • 6880×2880 = 8E E3 18 40

You will have to replace “39 8E E3 3F” with one of the values above based on your current display resolution. Save and then launch the game. Check the source for more details.