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How to Troubleshoot Horizon Zero Dawn Crashing On PC?

The game has finally arrived on PC, but some users have reported Horizon Zero Dawn is crashing on PC. Here is a guide on how to fix this problem.

Horizon Zero Dawn has arrived on Windows 10 with some pitfalls. Being a highly rated game and restricted to console for a long time, PC gamer’s are quietly excited about this game. But crashing and lagging are some issues Horizon Zero Dawn PC players are dealing with. If you are among those players how are dealing with Horizon Zero Dawn crashing on pc or Horizon Zero Dawn Windows Crash then here are some common troubleshooting tips.

How to fix Horizon Zero Dawn crashing on PC?


Here are some different types of methods to fix the game crashing issue. This is not just for Horizon Zero Dawn but works for other games also.

Steam Fix:

Starting from Steam you can run a file integrity check to ensure all game files are properly downloaded. Horizon Zero Dawn for PC is a quiet big size game, wrong to re-install before trying out basic things. From your Steam Game Library, you can run a file integrity check which resolves 60% of game crashing and lagging issues. Follow the Horizon Zero Dawn Steam-fix steps below.


  • Right click on the game in Steam Library > Properties.
  • Go to Local and then click on Verify Game Files.

Steam will take some time to verify the game files and download if something is missing or damaged. This is the first way to Horizon Zero Dawn crash fix. No need to remove the game or re-download it back. For all Steam Games verifying the game files integrity is enough to resolve common errors like network connectivity, crashing, lags, black screen, etc.

Exit Background Apps:


Launch Task Manager by right click on the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Look for Task Manager and see the list of background apps. If there are unnecessary apps turn them off. For example any kind of download manager, or cloud drives, etc. Some of these are apps that are not compatible with the game and can lead to crashes. You have to kee the CPU and RAM free for Horizon Zero Dawn PC. You can disable the apps from the Startup.

How to fix Frequent Crashing?

Frequent Crashing is the worst thing you will face on Horizon Zero Dawn for PC. It has been reported actively by various users on Steam. The way to resolve this to end background apps especially security software. For example an anti-malware or any kind of internet security. Second, update your Graphics Drivers and re-verify your hardware that can render the game.


AMD users who are running Horizon Zero Dawn on PC at 16GB RAM on Ryzen 5 reported no crash. While users on Intel Core i7 with 32GB Ram reporting a constant crash. It is hard to figure out what is in the background which is causing the issue. No issue if the ram is 16GB or 32GB the platform of AMD is found a lot more stable.

Due to low system resources or too much background process, the game fails to launch properly and crashes. You might see a message “horizon zero dawn unfortunately the game has crashed”, for this verify all aspects including active internet connection and check. We will update more details on Horizon Zero Dawn for PC Troubleshooting in some time.