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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Release Getting Closer, EULA Spotted on Steam

It looks like soon more players will get acquainted with the first adventure of Aloy. The creators of Horizon Zero Dawn have released an important update on Steam, which always appears before the premiere of the production. So, according to all these updates on the Valve platform, it seems to be confirmed that the game will release on PC in the next couple of days/weeks.

After months of rumors and leaks, in March 2020, the action-adventure title of Aloy was officially announced for the PC platform. Sony has not yet confirmed the release date, but the details of the game should come in the next few days.


Players have noticed an important message, the developers have released the update of Horizon Zero Dawn on Steam and added EULA (user agreement) on the Valve platform. This always happens before the date is disclosed and the premiere itself.

Sony may already, at the beginning of next week, announce the final details of the game on the PC and after a few days, the game will release – it will probably be after the end of Steam Summer Sale (July 9).


An important move was also made by NVIDIA, which in the latest GeForce Experience 3.20.4 update mentioned 39 new games offering NVIDIA Freestyle and NVIDIA Ansel, and as you may have guessed, Horizon Zero Dawn was also on the list.

Earlier, the AMD offering also leaked that players will receive Horizon Zero Dawn for free when purchasing selected processors.


Recall that Horizon Zero Dawn came to PS4 as an exclusive for a limited time. The game will soon be released on the PC platform as well.