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How To Fast Travel In Horizon Zero Dawn Easily

Fast Traveling in the open world of Horizon Zero Dawn is slightly more complex than you think. But look no further, because we will show you exactly how to fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn has released for PC and now even more players are experiencing the joy that is this game. But many are not sure about the fast traveling aspect so that they can save time while traversing the huge open world. How does it work? What are Fast Travel Packs? Well, that’s what we will explain to you in this guide on how to fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn Fast Travel: How does it work?


In order to fast travel, you need to first open up your map. Then hover your cursor on the Campfire icons that you will see. That means you need to have Campfires revealed on the map first. When you discover the Campfires, they will be shown in green icons on the World Map. Apart from Campfires, you can fast travel to discovered settlements as well.

On PC, after hovering, you have to press the button shown by the map menu. On PS4, the button you have to press is R2. But here’s the thing that makes it different from the standard format of fast traveling. Upon pressing the Travel button, you will see that fast traveling is not “free”. It will cost you one Fast Travel Pack. So, if you want to travel faster, you need this pack with you. Read on to know how to get it.

How to Get Fast Travel Packs


You can get Fast Travel Packs in Horizon Zero Dawn by either buying them from a merchant or making them yourself. Note that they are consumables available for a single use only.

To craft it yourself, you need:

  • 15 Ridge-Wood
  • 1 Bony Meat
  • 1 Fatty Meat


If you want a normal Fast Travel Pack, it will cost:

  • 2 Metal Shards
  • 15 Ridge-Wood
  • 1 Rich Meat

Golden Fast Travel Pack (Unlimited Fast Travel)


This is a rare item that allows unlimited fast travel to any discovered Bonfires or Settlements all over the world. For purchasing a Golden Fast Travel Pack from the trader, though, you need:

  • 50 Metal Shards
  • 10 Fatty Meat
  • 1 Fox Skin

This Hunters Goods merchant will be found in Meridian City after you unlock the ‘Into the Borderlands’ quest.

Based on the resources you have, you can decide which way to fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn. Make sure to take the materials from dead bodies of machines (metal shards) and boars (fatty meats). The Fox Skin might be the toughest to grab since it will be dropped by foxes. To make things easier, be on the lookout for them in grassy areas of the world. Unfortunately, they are not guaranteed, but also not impossible to get.

So, that’s everything on how to fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn and how to get Fast Travel Packs in the game. While you are here, don’t miss our guides on How To Begin The Frozen Wilds DLC In Horizon Zero Dawn, how to fix PC lagging issues and how to upgrade spear easily. These will help you get a much better experience of the game!