Horizon: Forbidden West “Development Is On track”; Release Date Update Coming Soon

To the disappointment of the waiting players, no specific release date for Horizon: Forbidden West was mentioned in yesterday’s gameplay presentation. According to the developers of Guerrilla Games, however, a corresponding update should be available “soon”.

In the course of yesterday evening, the promising action role-playing game Horizon: Forbidden West was presented to us as part of a detailed gameplay presentation. You can check the first gameplay video of the title below.

Since it was recently reiterated that the new project from Guerrilla Games should be published this year, quite a few expected that Sony Interactive Entertainment and the Dutch studio will use yesterday’s State of Play edition to announce the final release date of Horizon: Forbidden West. However, it did not come to that.

But we shouldn’t interpret the whole thing as bad news. Instead, the responsible developers of Guerrilla Games published a tweet to the fans after the gameplay presentation and pointed out that the development of Horizon: Forbidden West is on track. It also means that we can look forward to an update regarding the release date “soon”.

However, it remains to be seen whether this means the disclosure of a specific release date. Horizon: Forbidden West is in development for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and tells a story that begins six months after the events of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

In the successor, Aloy is given various new skills and is now able, for example, to swim underwater or climb freely. One of the new opponents this time is nature itself, which devastates the land with mighty storms, while the machines could wipe out all life on earth.