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Horizon Chase Turbo Multiplayer Guide – How To Play With Friends

Enjoy racing in Split-screen

Horizon Chase Turbo is an old school racing game which is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Linux, Mac and Xbox One. Inspired the world of the ’80s and 90’s the game is an amazing racing game you must have. Horizon Chase Turbo comes with local multiplayer features, you can play with upto four friends all together and enjoy racing. It does not support online multiplayer, but on a split-screen all four of you can have the racing fun. In this Horizon Chase Turbo guide, you will settings to enable Horizon Chase Turbo Multiplayer with four players.

How To Enable Horizon Chase Turbo Multiplayer Split-Screen Mode


Horizon Chase Turbo has a simple multiplayer feature where upto four players can play together. If you are playing on PC then two players can play one single keyboard while others will need a controller. If you are playing on Nintendo Switch then each player can control one car with a Joy-Con controller. The settings to turn on Splitscreen mode in Horizon Chase Turbo is simple, the game does not support online multiplayer gaming. It only has a split-screen local multiplayer mode.

Horizon Chase Turbo Multiplayer Guide

To enable multiplayer mode in Horizon Chase Turbo, your friends will have to connect with their controllers. You can see the connected users on the bottom right of the screen. There can be four players connect at one time. Once the players are connected the game screen will automatically shift to split-screen mode. The controller icons will pop-up on the bottom right, this signal that one player is connected. In this way, you can add four players.


Connect your controllers and start racing. Remember different players require different controllers whether they are on PS4 or Switch. For PC two players can fit on one keyboard and other two more will require separate controllers. It is best to play with one additional friend, in a team of two, settings to enable it is extremely simple and you don’t require any additional controllers for Switch or PC.