Hood Outlaws and Legends: How To Use The Winches

Let’s see how to use the Winches and steer the Treasure away from the opponents in Hood Outlaws and Legends.

There are a lot of interesting abilities and characters in Hood outlaws and legends. The main objective focuses on getting the treasure, and winches are the only way to move it closer to you. Winching is when you attach the treasure to the rope and pull it using the lever. Let’s see how you can use Winches in Hood Outlaws and Legends

How To Use Winches In Hood Outlaws And Legends?

Hood outlaws and legends winches
Players should know that they will only be able to use the winches once they have found the treasure of the map. Once you have found the treasure go to one of the sides of the Winches. Press the “X” button if you are using a Play station. Press the “A” button if you are an Xbox player. When the character is churning the crank you will see a bar on the screen. Once the bar is full the treasure will be lifted. Keep in mind while you are churning the crank you won’t be able to do anything else. Have other teammates cover you. If you try to do anything else the winch will stop and you have to fill the bar again from the beginning.

There are some ways you should know which will help you use the winch faster. Two players churning the crank will fill the meter faster so try that when things get heated. Holding the R2 button on the Play station or the RT button on Xbox while churning the crank will let your character winch faster. This will result in a loss of stamina. When all the stamina is drained he will be back to the original speed. Using the Brawler and Mystic also helps as they are naturally faster at winching when compared to the other two characters.

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