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Honkai Impact Best Characters Tier List

Find the best characters in Honkai Impact with this tier list.

Honkai Impact features a plethora of unique and powerful characters, and this tier list features all of them, ranked from tiers S to D. These characters have different strengths and powers. You can use this list to choose the best characters the next time you play the game.

Honkai Impact Tier List

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S Tier List in Honkai Impact

The S Tier features the best of the best characters in Honkai Impact. These characters have the best statistics and are the most obvious choices you should prefer when you play the game. S tier characters generally are the best Valkyries.

S Durandal (Dea Anchora)
S Fu Hua (Herrscher of Sentience)
S Fervent Tempo Delta
S Raiden Mei (Herrscher of Thunder)

A Tier

The A tier of this Honkai Impact tier list features powerful characters, although they might not be as powerful as those in the S tier. The characters in this list have decent statistics, and they are great choices when you play the game too!

A Seele Vollerei (Stygian Nymph & Starchasm NYX)
A Durandal (Bright Knight – Excelsis)

B Tier

We now arrive at the B tier. This list features characters with average statistics and powers. They are not as good as the A & S tier characters, and you will notice this whenever you play with them in the game. We recommend you only use them when you are getting used to the game, and not further in it.

B Yae Sakura (Darkbolt Jonin)
B Rita Rossweisse (Argent Knight: Artemis)
B Seele Vollerei (Swallowtail Phantasm)
B Fu Hua (Shadow Knight)

C Tier

The last tier in this list is the C tier. This tier features the worst characters of Honkai Impact. We recommend you only use them at the start of the game, as they have poor stats and are not very useful.

C Yae Sakura (Goushinnso Memento)
C Durandal (Valkyrie Gloria)

This brings us to the end of our Honkai Impact tier list. You can use this list to choose the best characters the next time you play this exciting game! And now that you know all about Honkai Impact’s most powerful characters, check out our tier lists for your favorite games!