Homescapes Cheats 2024

Looking for cheats in Homescapes? We've got all the tips and tricks you need to master this game!

If you’re playing Homescapes and have been wondering if you can use cheats in the game, check out this article. Let’s find out if any cheats exist for this game. The tips will help you smoothly clear the toughest of levels.

Homescapes Cheats & Tips and Tricks

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Unfortunately, Homescapes does not have any cheats. We believe this is a good thing as it helps keep the gameplay experience authentic. You can master this game with ease by using a few tips and tricks. Check them out below.

Using Combinations

  • The next time you play Homescapes, remember to group multiple blocks together to create special blocks.
  • Grouping 4 blocks together in a row will create a Rocket.
  • Rockets can be used to clear rows both horizontally as well as vertically.
  • Groups of 5 together create a bomb, while rows of 5 will make a disco ball.
  • You can also combine the bomb with a rocket among other such combinations.
  • Doing so will activate special abilities.

Stay Patient

  • This might not sound like the most orthodox tip for a game, but patience actually pays off in Homescapes.
  • Whenever you come across a situation in the game where finding a match feels impossible, wait patiently for a few seconds.
  • In the time you spend waiting, the game will automatically show you suggestions for solutions.

New Carpets

  • Some stages in Homescapes may demand the need for a carpet to cover the background.
  • To create a fresh carpet, you need to ensure that at least one of the cleared blocks is already on the carpet.
  • You can also use airplanes and bombs to help spread a carpet. However, you will need to ensure that they first touch the carpet.

Making Wise Use of Rockets

  • If you use them properly, rockets can be a very efficient special block in Homescapes.
  • In the game, you can use these rockets to clear out entire rows.
  • You can fulfill loads of objectives by wisely positioning your rockets.
  • Rockets will only set off after it is placed in a new row.

Analyse your blocks

  • Whenever you play Homescapes, pay close attention to formations of blocks among other things.
  • Analysing formations and making the right plans is one of the easiest ways you can quickly solve this game.

Use Social Media

  • If you’re playing Homescapes, we recommend you log in to the game with your Facebook account.
  • By simply logging in to the game with Facebook, you will receive 1000 coins.
  • Staying logged in will also help you send and receive retries to your friends.

Rearranging Rooms

  • If the original layout in the game does not suit your tastes, you can change them to your liking very easily.
  • If you click on an object that needs to be rearranged with your finger, you will find options to help you place the said object.
  • You can shift objects by spending a few coins.

And that brings us to end of this article. With a few simple tips and tricks, you will be able to master Homescapes really easily. As you play the game, you will realise how much more fun it is to play without cheats.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks in Homescapes, check out your favorite mobile games.